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Looking to the Future, Caring for the Past

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Conservation Architects LLP was established by Conservation Architect Christian Randall, who has 20 years of experience with historic buildings and structures. Christian is an RIBA accredited Conservation Architect who has both a practical and design based approach to the care of old buildings. He has first-hand experience of repair and restoration work having worked on several historic buildings, including a Cruck house dating back to 1450.


His love of history, heritage, design and materials means he is passionate about providing solutions which allow old buildings to continue being used whilst preserving their integrity and character.




Conservation Architects LLP are able to take on projects varying from small repairs and alterations to major addititons and re-orderings. For work requiring additional input such as structural, mechanical, electrical, heritage, sustainability etc we have an excellent network of highly competent, experienced and trustworthy consultants who we have worked with for many years.


If you are considering work involving an old building or a building in a sensitive area please give us a call, we are friendly and helpful.


Over the last 10 years Christian has worked with many churches, houses and estates including Grade I, II and II* buildings, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and World Heritage sites.


He is a Diocese approved Architect who currently looks after several churches in Oxfordshire and regularly carries out Quadrennial and Quinquennial Inspections of individual structures and whole sites.