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Looking to the Future, Caring for the Past

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Conservation Architects LLP specialises in the care of historic buildings; whether it be alteration, addition or repair we are experts in the field who are different from your average practice. We have over 15 years’ experience in almost every aspect of work involving the historic structures and are deeply committed to protecting our built heritage. Conservation doesn't necessarily mean preserving a building as it is, it covers everything from a simple repair to major alteration work which will allow a structure to carry on being used.  


Owning a listed house or looking after a historic church can be a daunting responsibility and leave people wondering where to turn when work is required. Getting the right advice from the right people who genuinely care about both the needs of the custodian and building is vital. The correct care of an old building can be expensive however costs can be greatly reduced if regular maintenance is carried out. When repairs are required it is easy to panic and work is often unnecessarily done in a heavy handed way which both costs much more and detrimentally effects the character of the building.


Conservation Architects aim to work in way which puts the needs of our clients and their buildings first. We work in the following areas, however if what you want is not here get in contact and we may be able to help;


  • Alteration and extension of historic buildings including;


                    Private houses and estates

                    Public and industrial


                    Gardens and External spaces

  • Listed Building Applications

  • Conservation Area Consents

  • Planning Applications

  • Feasibility Studies

  • New buildings in sensitive areas

  • The repair of historic structures

  • Quadrennial Inspections

  • Quinquennial Inspections

  • DAC / Faculty Applications

  • Conservation Management Plans

  • Grants